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Using this guide to learn about where to get Thick Fur in New World
Thick Hide is one of the countless resources used for crafting in New World.  There is no specific drop for Thick Hide, meaning that it can be farmed from many different sources. This will make Thick Hide in New World a very common thing you can buy off of the Trading Post. It’s a Tier 4 material of Common rarity used in many different crafting recipes. But if you want to go and hunt for it, you certainly can. Use this guide to learn about where to get it.

It’s used for crafting high level armor, assuming that you have the necessary trade skill level for it of course. It’s also much harder to obtain than other hide and fur items, as it’s not a guaranteed drop, and you need to be at least level 40 and above to even attempt to get it.

How to get Thick Fur in New World?
This is a search task that makes it necessary to find and skin animals that have a minimum level of 40, it is not possible to have animals of lower levels, so that the best thing here is to get to the level first and once this is done. have given, proceed to embark on this journey.

The animals from which thick fur can be obtained are:


Animals that usually have thick fur are usually found in:
    Restless Shores.
    Great Cleave.

Best places to farm Thick Hide
The small lake to the northeast of Everfall’s main town is a good spot. Run a circuit around the water and hunt some Wolves, you can get plenty of hides and meat there. The fort in the southern part of Brightwood also has a concentrated wolf spawn. Across the river to the west of the fort is a gathering of Wolf spawns you can hunt.

There is another easy place to gather Thick Hide just west of the Restless Shore settlement. It will have Shoreside Bobcats and Sandhoof Elks that drop this type of hide when skinned.

Sometimes growing Thick Fur can be complicated and failing that, it is necessary to buy it, only for this we must spend some coins, especially in a place where there may be high demand, the reserve may be higher.

With everything in the world of the game to be built by players, it’s best to be ready and stock up on some Coins. Get your Amazon Game New World Coins here at now and have a grand time playing the game!

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