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Lost Ark Arcanist Identity Mechanic
What's an Arcanist Class What is the Arcanist Class Lost Ark?

The Arcanist is an advanced class that Lost Ark Gold is part of Lost Ark under the Mage class. It makes use of the power of cards to cause injury to their foes. It's a gender-neutral subclass of the Mage class. Its mechanic and identity gauge is the most technical among the Mage classes due to its stack-and-ruin gameplay.

Similar to the other advanced classes like the other advanced classes, the Arcanist has her own distinct identity mechanic. Every attack replenishes her identity gauge. It is sometimes referred to as the deck gauge.

Once the deck is full, she'll draw an additional card best place to buy Lost Ark Gold from her deck which is immediately used to perform additional effects or it can be stored to use later. There can be a maximum of 2 cards to be held at a given time. Pressing the Z or the X key to let go of the left and right card will activate the cards and activate their buffs or effects.

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